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Monday, 6 August 2012

Windows 8 Activator and Timebomb Remover v0.9.4[2.61MB] torrent

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The leaked Windows 8 Build 7850 of M1 milestone, which is essentially a 32-bit Windows 8 Enterprise, has an expiration
date of February 5th, 2011 time bomb, a day long past into history.
The expiry means that installed Windows 8 Enterprise M1 cannot be activated, and is always flagged as non-genuine installation.

If you intend to use and try the very early build of Windows 8 M1, which nonetheless has already some features slated
for Windows 8 available but locked away, it̢۪s now possible to disable or remove the built-in time bomb and activate
the Windows 8 Enterprise M1 edition, via the resurrected frankenbuild crack method.
If you manage to activate Windows 8 properly, you can unlock and change desktop background wallpaper or theme at ease
without been reverting to default on reboot.

This tool will simply disable Windows 8's Timebomb and activate it.
I know there are billions ways and tutorials to activate this stuff but this is the easiest way I think.

1. How does it work?
Simply. Timebomb is removed by replacing tokens and store folders by Windows 7 Enterprise's ones
(build 7600). Activation is done by ZWT's KMS Keygen which allows you to activate Windows (and Office) VL offline.

2. Instructions:
*Run this program and click Remove Timebomb.
*After success, restart computer.
*click Activate.

No watermark, timebomb, activation!

Don't Forget to say Thanks

PC - Cracked

*Run this program and click Remove Timebomb.
*After success, restart computer.
*click Activate.

How To Download: 
Download Files By Copying the Link and paste to Browser. Or Select Link press Right-Click, select goto link(In chrome) Would Be different in other browsers.
After open the link, wait 5sec, Press Skip Ad at the top right. Download file.

For Torrent Download:
Click On Link and Torrent will be downloaded automatically.
Open torrent file with your favourite torrent client(Like uTorrent).

Note: Downloading files using any of the downloader will help you download files faster and easily.


PC - Cracked

*Run this program and click Remove Timebomb.
*After success, restart computer.
*click Activate.

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Important Downloads: - Direct Link - Click Image



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